In a world full of perfect instagram posts I’d like to be honest. Motherhood is incredible but some times it just gets shitty. (pun intended!) And for those messy and smelly deeds we’ve relayed on Huggies nappies since the time of Suvansh’s birth. It’s best for his sensitive skin and the feel and the size of the nappy has been just perfect for his body. That’s the reason we have never thought of considering any other brand but this.

I stack them on my babies change table which has handy storage caddy for nappies, wipes etc. I believe it has been a great investment. Let me know in the comments below if you’d like to know more about the change table benefits.

Motherhood: it takes patience, humour and lots of diapers and towelettes. Since becoming a mummy the most important secret I’ve discovered is how invaluable nappies and wipes are. It’s a thumb rule not to leave the house without them, even on date-nights or girls night out. It will get you out of sticky situations. 😉