Big Hello, so you may have seen lots of fall and autumn pictures lately in instagram but did you know Sydney is in full bloom at the moment with gorgeous purple jacarandas everywhere. Another reason to love November.♥️

Here I am wearing my favourite purple skirt to blend in with this beautiful season. Scroll down to see the details of the most instagrammed street of Sydney during the month of November and my choice of outfit to go with it.😊

Location: Kirribilli

You can plan to visit during next local Kirribilli Market which is held on 2nd Sunday and 4th Saturday of every month. If you choose going on a random day then you can spend sometime in the garden with beautiful roses, maybe a picnic or just a stroll, or to soak in the sun, and visit the bay area where you’ll see lovely boats sailing away. Like I mentioned this is the most instagrammed street of Sydney during November filled with tourists and sydneysiders it’s important that you follow the traffic rules and give way to the passing cars/cyclists/joggers and don’t just keep clicking photographs as residents tend to get annoyed with such behaviour. After all your fun-time shouldn’t be of inconvenience to others. If you like this post pls share it with your friends and family and leave a comment as I’d love to read your feedback.🌝

p.s I am so excited for the 2nd innings of my website (previous one was hacked and I have missed the love and appreciation you guys gave me there. Every single feedback and comment meant so much to me.😊)

Lots of love♥️